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The name daisy comes from the movie Tombstone. At one point Doc Holiday is challanged. One of the Cowboys tells Doc he could beet him in a draw. In an awesome display of confidence and defiance Doc responds simply: "You're a daisy if you do. . ."
Summary a component-based distributed application framework
Category libraries
License Common Public License
Owner(s) wantar


You're a daisy if you do. . .

Welcome to daisy: the next great evolution in distributed application frameworks.

daisy's goal is two-fold:

  1. provide a 100% standards-complient, elegant, and extensible framework on which to build distributed applications
  2. provide a steady stream of intuitive, powerful, and intelligent components that gain value over time

daisy is an open source software solution licensed under the CPL (Common Public license).

As daisy matures, it's components will evolve into semantic web services. This will enable daisy to interoperate with projects like thereallm.

The use of semantic web services and interoperation with other projects across language, platform, and regional barriers will be daisy's biggest long-term contribution to the open source distributed application market.

I would encourage you to do a little research on Balanced Networks and thereallm as well as the W3C's view of the semantic web. The realization of the semantic web is the ultimate goal of Balanced Networks, thereallm, and daisy.

Thanks for checking this project out. I hope you grow as excited as I do when you envision the possabilities the semantic web and daisy can materialize.